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Here are what people are saying about GRIPSTIC and SnapBags by GRIPSTIC.  You can read more of our reviews by clicking the blue reviews tab on the left side of the web pages.   


Third set

We have bought in California for our motorhome...twice at PNE in Vancouver...and now this member keep stealing them...great way to seal all bags


Snap Bags are awesome!!

I ordered a set of 3 pastel bags when they were featured on GMA. I had no idea what they were but was interested. I started using them the day I received them in the mail. I absolutely LOVE THEM!!! Everything last longer in them and they are so EASY to use! I am ordering more today for me and for gifts!


Handy and versatile

discovered these at my brother's, got them to "gift" me a few, after trying at home I knew I wanted the entire assortment. Biggest problem after finding the web site was deciding how many of each size, I even got some handles, knowing from the gift they would fit birdseed bags. The big "secret" is the crease. You must get a good crease with no wrinkles or overlaps; by doing that I am able to use them on many, many types of bags -- cereal, chips, pancake mixes, even sugar. The crease can be tricky on some things the first time you try, but if you manage the secret it will work. I'm a true believer. Also, after I decided what I wanted ordering was pretty easy. Order servicing was outstanding; I had them nearly cross-country in under a week with free shipping. At the beginning of COVID-19 shutdown


Storage and Chip Bag Closure made EASY

The Gripstic bag sealing products are GREAT - the assorted sizes are handy to quickly and securely seal cellophane or plastic bags securely to protect the contents. Easy to use - goes on in a couple of seconds - holds securely. Worth the purchase! We bought several for our extended family!!


Wonderful kitchen tool!

Super easy to use and does a very good job sealing all types of bags.


Gripstic bag sealers

Great product. Love it.


Best invention since sliced bread!

I originally purchased Gripstic Bag Sealers about ten years ago at a craft fair. Since then I have purchased them for my family and friends as gifts. Living in Hawaii where everything gets soggy far to soon, these have been a lifesaver…and money saver….for keeping chips, crackers, etc. crisp for a months. I highly recommend Gripstic’s! However, beware that you are actually getting this product as there are others that look about the same but are not as good. I tried them at one point because they were cheaper, but soon learned they aren’t as good.


Gripstic bag

These are great, have shared with co-workers. Hope to pick up some more, easy to use and can even go in freezer. Great item


The Best Ever

Love GRIPSTIC. Got our first set at the Dallas, Texas fair. Bought these for us and our daughter.


EZ to use!

I really like these things. They are fairly easy to use and they are really good for sealing up LOTs of bags we use regularly! I think they are helping keep our stuff fresher. I highly recommend them!


These are awesome

We bought one at Florida state fair a couple of years ago. We loved it so we bought some more online but they turned out to be knockoffs and not so hot. So we went back to the original and what can I say? THEY ARE AWESOME!


Great product

I love the way its seals up any bag and I don't have to hunt for twists. It holds great and my products stay fresh. Highly recommend it.


Love Gripstic

I LOVE Gripstic! They are genius. I like fresh things and Gripstic sure keeps food fresh!



Gripstic is the GREATEST invention!! They seal bags better than anything out there on the market. I was given a few of them as a gift several years ago and after using them I just didn't seem to have enough of them. I even used 1 Gripstic on 2 bags at once. I finally said I have to get more and found the Gripstic website. Now I have enough to last for a while. But I keep finding more ways to use them. Greatest things since sliced bread... Thank you Gripstic.


Awesome Bag Sealers

Picked up a couple of these at a Home Show in New Orleans, and after using them for a while, knew I had to have more. I did an internet search and found them, placed an order and they arrived promptly. I definitely recommend them as they keep foods very well sealed and fresh


Second purchase of Gripstic

The Gripstic are exactly as advertised. This is our second purchase b/c we had so many uses for them that we decided to purchase more.


3-Pack Pink Set

The largest I have seen and great for family size packages of chips, etc. No better product on the market!


Useful product

I’ve been using Gripstic for years. They keep food fresh better than just about anything.


Best thing ever!

I've had Gripstic for a long time. Years. I give them as gifts and had many thanks. These are in my vehicles, my camper and now in my new home.


I highly recommend!

The kitchen drawer that is a catch all for clips, etc. is totally changed with Gripstic. They store very nicely in a small area plus are fantastic for sealing items. Very easy to use. I bought a few to try and immediately placed an order for more.


the best option in my kitchen

They seal so well... and take up so little space in my kitchen. How could it get any better than that?


These Gripstics are awesome!

They take up no space to store and completely seal the bag. A great find!


Love them

Love them