About us

THE GRIPSTIC is the best bag sealing device ever made!

Much better than chip clips or bag clips. Locking out air and moisture which is the best way to prevent your potato chips, pretzels, snacks, cereal from going stale. 

Our patented slide and seal technology locks in freshness by sealing the entire bag air tight. 

They are great to keep your fresh produce fresh longer. And safe to use in the freezer to prevent freezer burn on your food.  

Ranked number one among consumers, THE GRIPSTIC bag sealers are a must have kitchen gadget!  

Eliminate kitchen clutter and keep your pantry neat and organized.  The original GRIPSTIC is compact, easy to use and easy to store.   

First 2 Market Products produces Quality Brands, Quality Products.

US Patent No. 7,503,696 

Trademark No. 3,870,130